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The Walrus is Faul

The Walrus is Faul

Anita Greencard

This story was submitted by a woman who wishes to use a nom de plume. She asserts this is a true story encounter with Faul McCartney.

My tale begins on February 21, 2012 at Disney World during Daytona Week. Tons of celebrities were there. I have done three "Disney college programs," a paid internship and all that jazz. During the time in question, I was working in entertainment as a "friend of Disney characters," i.e. a cast member who works dressing up as a character. 

The rumor going around was that "Paul McCartney" (Faul) was hanging around the Magic Kingdom (Nancy was not with him that day). Faul visited the UK Pavillon inside the Epcot Theme Park, where I was working in character. I noticed how he acted godly, holier than thou, and expected the very best from everyone as though he automatically deserved it. "What a dick!" I thought to myself. By then, I knew quite a bit about PID [Paul is Dead]. I noticed that Faul was very tall and skinny. He also had very green eyes, not brown like Paul's were.

The character meet and greet protocol is to say "Hi" to the guest, chat a bit, and then say "goodbye" to them. When Faul came up to me, he expected me to know who he was. When I pretended that I did not, he said "Everyone knows me. I'm Paul McCartney." That was my cue. I decided to question whatever came out of his mouth. For example, he said he used to be in a band with some friends, so I said "The 3 Caballeros?" Faul was not amused at my games.

Faul and I interacted briefly onstage. I was on duty as "Alice in Wonderland." Faul mentioned that "Alice in Wonderland" was his favorite book of all time. He even had some stone statues of characters from the book in his garden. The Walrus was his favorite character. 

Faul asked me, "Alice," who she thought the Walrus was. We cast members are trained to preserve the Disney magic by never going out of character; we only know and talk about our Disney area. I replied, "The walrus was the walrus." 

Faul responded, "No, I am the Walrus. My friend, John, used to say that. I like the Walrus because I see myself in him, how he fools people, how he fooled the innocent oysters in order to eat them."

Faul had access to go backstage, which he did. He asked one of my managers if he could meet me. He said he liked how I was able to stay in character all of the time. I agreed to chat one on one with him. Big mistake.

I was still in my costume when Faul made some crude sexual comments about my body. He  also said that I was "hot." When I greeted him, he wanted to hug and kiss me. He even tried to force himself on me. A friend of mine has claimed that Faul tried to molest her. He acts very differently in private than he does in public.

During this encounter, Faul ranted and raved. Strangely, he referred to himself in the third person. He hinted that maybe he was not who people think he is, maybe he was like Mickey Mouse, and maybe he is everywhere.

I told Faul right to his face that, perhaps all of this time, people had been asking the wrong question. Instead of asking "Is he alive?" (of course he is because he is breathing), they should have been asking, "Are you Paul McCartney?"

Faul glared at me and asked what I thought. I said, "No, I do not think you are James Paul McCartney." 

Faul said that, even if I know what is going on, no one would ever believe me because I am just a simple woman, and he is who he is. No one questions him, ever. Faul said I had a lot of nerve for questioning him. He told me I was a total bitch and that he was going to report me to a supervisor. I told him that he was going to hell.

"Hell is here in the everyday life," Faul replied. He also made a weird comment that Paul was "The Fool on the Hill," but he did not elaborate on what he meant by that. (Is that song a clue song? Is Paul buried in the hills somewhere?) Faul also threatened me, saying that "bad times come to those who know a lot."

Faul did report me. He claimed that I was not professional, and that Disney should hire better people. My managers gave me a verbal warning because Faul looked very upset about our encounter. Faul wanted Disney to deport me back to my homeland, make me lose my working visa and all. That would have appeased him. Luckily, my managers had my back and nothing truly bad came my way. However, the whole episode was so upsetting that I decided to go to therapy for a while.

Two of my managers told me that a bunch of people in showbiz are in the know, but it is not in their best interest to expose Faul as the fraud that he is. Bad times come to those who know a lot...


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  1. Please tell Anita if I ever met her in person I'd hug her very tight. What she did was very brave. I'm relieved that she didn't get into alot of trouble because of it.

    1. I'd like to hug her too. Imagine her taking on the "Knight in Rusty Armour" (And I swear I think that song's lyrics almost describe Faul's character to a tee) and winning the veracious duel, therefore relinquishing himself and his deflated ego to go back to "Lady Nancy".

  2. Bravo!!! Good for you speaking truth to power, though his power is false, since he is a lousy fake. The real Paul would have been horrified by Faul's behavior.

    1. Horrified? Maybe.
      We need to acknowledge that a young Beatle Paulie--as per countless accounts--was reputed to be a cassanova playboy in his own right. What young 60s rocker wasn't though? We can only guess what JPM's feelings would be of his fraudulent egocentric counterpart.
      By all accounts our classic original Paulie certainly appeared to be the consummate gentleman, that's for sure!(with a higher IQ too) And lord knows he wouldn't still be strutting around dying his mop-top and wearing skinny-tie, peg-leg suits flashing his Hofner around like he was still 24!
      Has anyone noticed how Faul's big emphasis and focus of late has been all about Wings? And there is scarcely anything on his website abt the glory days of '62-'66.
      Alice's adventures down the nebulous rabbit hole...indeed!

  3. My god Anita. Yours is the type of moxie we need in this world. Your story made me think of Sinead O'Connor tearing up a pic of the pope on live TV so long ago. It also made me think of the Russian protest-art band "P#$$× Riot". These women faced the fires of social scrutiny and unpopularity to make socio-political statements, only to have their careers derailed and in the latter case jailed. And yet they soldiered on.
    Your testimony here is nothing short of radical, and I applaud you.

    "Power to the people!"

  4. In this RS interview Carly Simon states that she hosted the first meeting between Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney in a recording studio.
    Its hard to tell from the interview just exactly WHEN shes talking about but it had to be sometime in the early 70s b/c that's when she first began her recording career and she also says Faul is with Linda so its at least post '68. The reference is about 3/4 of the way down in the article. So if that is "Paul's" first formal introduction to Mick Jagger, how do we explain THIS:
    I don't think Carly Simon is lying, I just don't think she realizes the TRUTH of the situation.
    Does anyone have a picture of JPM hanging out with Mick in the early/mid-60s? Granted, I don't think they were bosom buddies, but if you scan the article above about all 4 Beatles going back to the Stone's flat after a gig to spin vinyl, clearly they'd met!

    1. These are some more articles detailing when the Stones and Beatles met...

      The Hollywood reporter article even has a picture of Jagger and McCartney(?) together in a train booth in 1967

      Weren't Jagger and McCartney (well the man playing McCartney) also together on the 'All You Need is Love' clip?

    2. Actually there are loads of pics of Faul with one or more of the stones '67 and beyond, which proves nothing other than that they were all were party to the ruse.
      Here's one of a newly minted Faul looking rather uncomfortable flanked by an aloof John L and Jane Asher.
      It was for his big artfilm coming-out debut aka yellow submarine... where Paul's gone missing only to be ta-da! replaced by a tall dapper wannabe (bummer) but don't worry kiddies, you'll be so distracted by the blue meanies hellbent on destroying the innocents that you'll be begging for obla di obla da, bungalow bill, and rocky raccoon to save the day
      :( oh, and let's not for get the charming Paul-esque ballad "I,Will".

  5. I'd like to add my admiration to the truthfulness, and strength of character, that Anita exhibited! Thank you for this! And I so glad that you did not suffer any of the things that Faul wished on you, at your job..

  6. I came back here to read just like some serial killers went back to the crime scene. First of all thank you to Tina for sharing my story, even though people do know Faul is despicable I had to let this cat out of the bag. Thank you all for being so thoughtful about my well being, I'm doing fine. Shall this loon be unmasked once and for all. - Anita

  7. Interesting story, could be all made up, but I don't think so, sounds credible. But the real McCartney was no saint either. He was a womanizer, a druggy, demanding, maybe self-centered. It seems to me he wasn't a whole lot different from the fake Paul, which is 1 reason I was skeptical (of the impostor theory).

    Anyways, concerning the enigmatic Fool on the Hill, there is even a discrepancy as to who inspired it as there are 2 completely different versions for its origin. McCartney says it was about someone like the Maharishi, but Alistair Taylor, personal assistant to Beatles manager Brian Epstein, says it was a mysterious man on a hill, who suddenly appeared and just as suddenly vanished, he and McCartney supposedly encountered, while the latter was walking his dog.

    In any case, who is the man of a 1000 voices? (Mel Blanc has this sobriquet). Maybe it references The Hero with a Thousand Faces (first published in 1949), a work of comparative mythology by American mythologist Joseph Campbell, which discusses the theory of the archetypal hero found in world mythologies--important myths from around the world which have survived for 1000s of years all share a fundamental structure, which Campbell called the monomyth.

    In the Beatles version of the lyric there are apparently the words, ''But he doesn't want to know them 'cause he knows that they're the fools,'' which isn't in the Brasil '66 version. The Beatles version didn't become a big hit, but the masterpiece bossanova cover version by Brasil 66 did. It was superbly copied as a French version by the Miladys as ''Le fou sur la colline.''

    1. "druggie"? please. What are you, a nun?

  8. Came across this article claiming Paul McCartney had/has a twin....

    Anyone else heard anything about this??

    Is this disinformation, or could there be some truth behind it??
    If true, it would explain why the Beatles, Paul's family and closest friends stayed silent about the replacement....because the replacement is still a McCartney.
    Still, there also seems to be a lot of evidence for an imposter named William (Billy).....more than one replacement/impersonator over the years??

    1. Why would someone be raised with a secreted or hidden twin sibling? There were def more mccartneys...the guy had/has cousins. There certainly could have been more than one billy. Esp if cloning is involved!

    2. That Miles Mathis article was a total head-scratcher/eye-roller.

      Talk about 'intentional misdirection'! Take Paul, Mike and Macca, put 'em in a blender and press "high" (pun intended)
      oh, and throw in a bit of Halliday just for good measure.

      In other words: a BS collage to garnish the shite-sandwich.

  9. James Paul McCartney was born a Gemini; the astrology sign: "The Twins." Donald trump and Kanye West were born also born Geminis.

  10. The story is fantasy for sure but the fact remains Faul is insane.

    1. Were you there? It is common fact Faul is a scumbag.

  11. Yo, "I need a green card."

  12. Goes t0 show that Faul is a self centered arrogant bastard , unlike the boyish ,cheerful friendly loving person that JPM was. Frank DiPinto aka jackhammer9132 Retired Police Officer Shrewsbury, Ma.

  13. Yoko Ono pretends she stopped the Vietnam War, but really she helped promote it through disinformation.

  14. How come no one puts it all together? For example; "Stephen King Shot John Lennon."

    1. Because Lightfoot has all the markings of a parinoid schizophrenic.
      Nixon and Reagan involved? Most probably. The fact that King bears a *slight* resemblance to Chapman? More intentional--and bogus--misdirection and delusion.
      As for why 'no one puts it all together'? Lack of objective concrete empirical evidence coupled with easily snowed lack-of-discernment. There are those out there whose full time j.o.b. it is to perpetually muddy the waters. How is clarity every to be obtained w/a predominance of shit-stirrers monkey-wrenching the works?

    2. Whatever happened to the MI5 investigation to see if Sir Paul was actually an imposter? I've seen or heard nothing to date concerning this. Has this been swept 'under the rug'? Does this imply that the Royal Family is also somehow involved in this deception????

  15. Thank you, Anita, for braving all that you did inconfronting 'f'aul that way--he's such a phony, and such a liar, with what appears to be 'delusions of grandeur'--if he's a narcissistic sociopath, as I suspect, then there is not much hope for him at all unless he, himself, seeks that help.

    "It appears that it is a combination of these personalities [both of the narcissist and the sociopath] that constitutes a narcissistic sociopath. Further, it's the description of narcissistic sociopath that is the common conceptualization of the psychopath..."

    And, yes, they can be very dangerous to deal with, as you found out the hard way. Just thank God he didn't go any further, and that your bosses had your back!

    Some people complain that Paul McCartney was a 'womanizer', with a child in every port, so to speak--yet, here are the words to a song he wrote the year before he 'disappeared':

    "I've Just Seen A Face"

    "I've just seen a face
    I can't forget the time or place
    Where we just met
    She's just the girl for me
    And I want all the world to see
    We've met...
    ...Had it been another day
    I might have looked the other way
    And I'd have never been aware
    But as it is I'll dream of her
    ...I have never known
    The like of this, I've been alone
    And I have missed things
    And kept out of sight
    But other girls were never quite
    Like this...
    ...Falling, yes I am falling
    And she keeps calling
    Me back again...
    ...I've just seen a face
    I can't forget the time or place
    Where we just met
    She's just the girl for me
    And I want all the world to see..."

    Notice where he says he 'kept out of sight', that he has 'been alone', and had 'missed things', and that he'd 'never known the like of this', and that other girls 'were never quite like this'--so, from those lyrics, somehow I get the impression that once he saw this girl for the first time, it was also the first time he'd actually fallen head-over-heels 'in love at first sight', for him. To me, those do not sound like the words of a brash, egotist, with a girl under every bed--it's not to say he didn't 'sleep around', as they all probably did--it was becoming an immoral 'given' in those days, that sleeping around was far more 'normal' than not, to young people--but, to say that Paul was some kind of self-loving, womanizing 'Casanova', does not fit with the known facts of even the man's basic character--but, they do fit with the known facts surrounding 'f'aul's character.


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