Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Lie Fauls Apart: Video & Photo Comps of Paul & Faul McCartney

Photographs reveal the physical differences between Paul and the imposter. The videos betray both the physical differences and the behavioral differences. [See Imposter detection methods]

The top photo array is of Paul McCartney. The second photo array is of his impostor-replacement. One very obvious difference is that the hair parts on different sides.

CIA-lebrity impersonator: "Faul"

Notice the hair part in the above pictures.

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Here is a video comp of "Yesterday" w/ Paul in 1966 & "Paul" in 1976:

Paul McCartney interviewed by David Frost - 1964:

Paul - Aug. 19, 1966 in Memphis:

Here is a comp of video stills of Paul in Memphis & Faul in 1967. You should notice differences in the shape of the head, eyebrows, chin, and hair. The photos have been presented in alternative formats to break the mental conditioning of seeing the two men as the same person.

This comp is of video stills of Paul in Memphis & Faul in December 1966 betrays a marked difference in the length of the nose and width of the mouth:

This comp is of Paul from "Help!" (1965) vs. Faul in late 1966:

Here is a comp of Paul from "The Night Before" & "Paul" from "Strawberry Fields Forever." I left Ringo in the comp of Faul on the right, because I didn't think anyone would believe that was supposed to be Paul otherwise.

"The Night Before" (from the 1965 movie, "Help!"):

"Strawberry Fields Forever" (1967):

Notice how they zoom in on his eyes & show they are *green.*
Here were some reactions to the new "look" in SFF - some people thought they looked "old" & "ugly": http://www.jojoplace.../dickclarka.mpg

Paul from from "A Hard Day's Night" (1964):

"Paul" from "Spies Like Us" (1985):
The eyes and ears are the most obviously mis-matched features.
The change in nose: from slightly upturned to "beaky":
In this comp, Faul's beak is very pronounced:
Here is a comp of Paul from 1965 & Faul from 1967 ("Fool on the Hill" video). It seems like Faul's cheeks are just a little lower than Paul's. Maybe he was storing nuts for the winter...?

It is interesting how Paul is only a 66% match using facial recognition software:

It seems Faul was a couple of inches taller than Paul. Paul vs. Ringo:

Paul vs. Paul's dad:
This comp shows that Faul has a different head shape than Paul had. The back of his head is more sloping. The tip of his nose is also more rounded. The earlobe is also different.

Paul's eye color also changed from brown to green. Please see Don't it make Paul's brown eyes *green* to see some rather revealing comps.


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  1. Those comps are great ! I will be posting my own comps soon ...

  2. Please don't forget this:

    Paul McCartney was replaced by hs mother "Mary"

    You see Mother Mary and "Pearl Witherington" a very famous SOE agent are the same person.
    False Paul and Pearl are the same person too.

    Yes, but all the "Secret Service" activity has to be "absurd".
    That's the best "coverage"

  3. heres another clue for you all. in the begining their songs like Ill be back, Ill cry instead, Ill follow the sun,things we said today, and a taste of honey.were paul sings Ill come back for the honey and you.and John and george repeat you"ll come back.after 66 thier clue was about someone who died. like a day in the life of paul"s car crash check it out.

  4. thank you for posting my comment here"s another clue for you all.their is a scene in help where paul shrinks. and john and george say where are you paul where"s paul.that scene show"s that something was going to happen to him perhaps a reancarnation.another scene in the movie thier looking for ringo and paul is the frist one who is wearing a ringo mask playing football. they pull the masak off and its paul. the second person wearing the ringo mask was john almost to say paul was frist to die then john. check it out.

  5. here"s another clue for you all take a look at a hard days the begging you see 3 beatles using the phone. paul is hiding from the scene with his grandfather.then after they do if i fell, paul say's what's all this about a musical arranger, then his grandfather step's'll see paul trun around.and mr. lester say's am happy to be replaced. you see paul shakes his head as to say no to a replacement.futher more number 9 is scene two times in the movie both times with his granfather. frist scene was with 10 doves then he mark's 9 the second scene in the end when their in concert you see his grand father gets up from his seat and it's number 9. check it out. oh look at the back ground when paul sing;s and i love her.

  6. here's another clue for you all is back.take a look at help.when they do your gonna lose that girl;they start at their 5th take.then you see paul playing the piano. makes him the 5th beatle if you listen to the song their"s no piano playing perhaps another clue.another scene in the movie were the snow man skiing over hill wins frist place again there is only 3 beatles in the band playing.

  7. paul had a childlike androgenous beauty. scientists
    know women like pretty boys. john was the mannish
    counterpart of the duo. faul is not so. he is like
    a surgically fake pretty boy who looks more mannish.

    do credit faul for being an artist in his own right.
    if you do it makes more sense they are separate. then
    faul's artwork makes more sense. obviously george martin supervised both and as martin aged faul's
    art tended to the grandiose or the banal. john's art
    never lost its truth. still give faul credit for
    his best work under george martin's direction.

  8. ^ IMO, Paul had a perfect balance of masculine and feminine energy.

  9. 2 Videos no longer up (accounts scrubbed): Faul on LSD and ... Strawberry Fields Forever with wrong eye color.

    Suggestion, too: make a mention that some early photos of Faul show him with brown eyes from photo retouching and eventually contact lenses, too.

  10. Oh, and the comp from AR20 is very subtle, so people who aren't used to the difference won't know that the bottom left "1966" is Faul. The photos are not side by side rationally, the one for the other: perhaps fix the labels.

    Amazing article as usual.

  11. hi plastic macca its me MPMP looks like there;s is a new movie coming out the beatles will unmask there secret, the lasttestament of gerge harrison
    i'd say that, maybe it could be true if they only knew. maybe it will be unmasked but

    sheep follow sheep
    i'm only {sleeping}

  12. hi macca its MPMP i see that the paul is dead forum is not in the web anymore i wonder why

  13. ^ Don't know why Proboards deleted the forum. Here's the new PID MH forum:

  14. hi tina if you look at the top
    i sent you a picture of mpmp
    i'll be back
    and i'll follow the sun
    there will be an answer soon i hope

  15. hey tina i got a new face

  16. The real Paul never acted effeminate or mincy. Some say he had an androgynous look, but he was always masculine in his actions and movement.

    Since the change Faul shows a strong feminine side, sometimes even moving and acting swishy, and a bit gay.

    That is another strong indication of a different person, because one's personality and general movement doesn't change abruptly.

  17. When someone dies, it is a very serious matter, and the following people are notified and involved:
    Ambulance, hospital staff and doctors (who saw the body), Police (who investigate accident to determine cause), Coroner (who examines body for cause of death), Insurance companies, Family members (who would have to agree to postpone inheritance of millions), Motor Vehicle Administration and HM Passport Office would need to allow Billy to assume Paul's official identity documentation.
    They would all have to agree to keep Paul's alleged death on November 9, 1966 a secret.
    I am not saying it is impossible. But we would need an explanation, and a motivation for each person.

  18. When someone dies, it is a very serious matter, and the following people are notified and involved:
    Ambulance, hospital staff and doctors (who saw the body), Police (who investigate accident to determine cause), Coroner (who examines body for cause of death), Insurance companies, Family members (who would have to agree to postpone inheritance of millions), Motor Vehicle Administration and HM Passport Office would need to allow Billy to assume Paul's official identity documentation.
    They would all have to agree to keep Paul's alleged death on November 9, 1966 a secret.
    I am not saying it is impossible. But we would need an explanation, and a motivation for each person.


    2. Listen to the music after 1967, the style is different. Also Paul had never changed his haircut, and suddenly it changed drastically. Look also at the Speech of George Harrison on the Hall of Fame Induction 1988. He said, "we ve all loved John very much and we ve all loved Paul very much". In 1966 they were famous, never needed to do scandals to make money. Also, Do you really think that you will insist on the clues for 3 years from 1967 till 1969, just for fun? And finally the song "How do you sleep at night". Don´t you think that talking about these clues in the songs over and over again for more than 3 years, it is too much for a joke! You just see their mood after 1967, They all are so different.
      PS: There is also a forensic doctor in Italy who came to the conclusion that Paul McCartney was not the same after 1967.

  19. Now I m sure! We 've been fooled. I also found out many non famous people did so. For example my friend's mom when she was young she was good enough, now she's ugly. Are they some kind of nazi aliens or something? (I'm anonymous for safety reasons, since they know I know I may get a car "accident")

  20. Tina, I really appreciate your work. I have looked into this extensively and I have to say its quite obvious James Paul is gone. It's really hard to believe that this could actually happen, but there's just too many things that don't add up.

    1. Yes, Claire McKuhn (misspelt?) has done a great job assembling the evidence. And of course, there is the famous Italian pathologist, probably #2 in her country, with specialty in dental forensics. She basically said: "We were doing this as a lark, to put to ground those rumors that Paul McCartney had been replaced by a double. We would wrap it up in a day. But we were perplexed and our study went on and on. While I can't conclude 100% without examining 'Paul' the actual physical person, the photos indicate this Paul and the Paul of the early Beatles are two different men. The teeth are completely different, as is the palate ... just for the palate would require major, painful surgery and he would need many months to recuperate." This pathologist has been called in in major Italian cases, such as for the Pope attempted assassination, so she is a person to be listened to. The question, why was Paul replaced? Was he murdered? Why? One theory is that he was doubting the official story of the President Kennedy murder. As we know, a slew of witnesses were murdered; so to murder a Beatle would be nothing to these cowards. Sadly, it is very plausible that this is not the real Paul. Also, sonic voice studies indicate these are two different people.

  21. From all of the forensic evidence I have seen - it certainly looks like Faul and Paul are two different people

    BSW, RSW, Cl.

  22. Faul has been Paul longer than Paul was Paul !

  23. What most all of you are missing is Paul/Faul HANDS. Look at early Paul hands. They are quite hairy. There is hair leading all the way up his hand to the base of his fingers. Now...personally I don't know anyone who shaves their hands..especially back in the 60's and 70's (the huge pube and chest hair era). Next take a look at later Faul hands. They hardly have any hair on them, and neither do his arms. See the photos of Faul coming out of the lake. He is practically hairless...not anything close to the early "hairy" paul with the hairy arms and hands. Nobody shaves their arms....nobody!

  24. You know how everyone keeps wondering why Paul's dad seemed to just allow what happened to Paul to literally pass him by, as though nothing had actually happened to his son? Well, take a good, close look at Paul's dad in both of those pictures[above in this article] in which Paul[on left] and 'f'aul[on right] are standing next to what appears to be Jim McCartney--notice anything odd about Jim in the picture with 'f'aul? What if--Jim was also taken out of the picture at some point, ala "Splitting Image"?! I'm now thinking that might be the case!

  25. It is beyond obvious that the real Paul died in 1966 as Ringo Starr said. You don't see Ringo refute the interview where he confessed the truth about the real Paul. That is evidence that Ringo really did say that Paul died in a car crash. Of course Faul, would never admit directly that he is not the real Paul McCartney. It does not make sense that the real Paul would bash what Ringo said, and call him senile. They are supposed to be very close friends. That, though is what you would expect from an impostor that likes parading around as Paul McCartney. The impostor doesn't care about telling the truth, he just wants to keep up the deception. George Harrison's last will and testament is incredibly detailed and could only come from an eye witness of Paul's horrible death. The emotion in George's voice tells that it is the real George Harrison. And he says things that no one else knew, for example the identity of Heather Mills, really "Rita" given another name and identity. People have got to stop being so skeptical! Look at his Faul's eyes in Hey Jude, green. The real Paul had chocolate brown eyes. Look at his height change. Look at Paul's and Faul's ears and noses, they are different!!! I am sick of listening to people who don't want to see what the remaining Beatles tried to tell the world in their music and album covers. Think about it, why would they have a miniature White Austin Healy on Sargeant Peppers album and a graveyard scenario??? That was the kind of car the real McCartney drove before 1967. The burial setting on the album should make it crystal clear that Paul is really dead. Wake up people!

  26. It is beyond obvious the real Paul is dead. Read the Billy Shears Campbell autobiography. Listen to George Harrison's last will and testament. Also, notice the changes in eye color, ears and nose of Paul an Faul. Also, Ringo Starr confessed the real Paul died in a car accident. It was Ringo Starr, if it was not, don't you think Ringo would have refuted it online of on Facebook? He hasn't. Why would a white Austin Healy car be on the Sargent Pepper's Album? The real Paul had a car like that. Why the grave scene of Paul's guitar, etc.??? Think people!!! Don't be dumb and be incredulous. If the facts fit the shoe wear it!!!

    1. This kind of amazes me, how you've managed to appear to be helping everyone out with your "Think People!!!" exclamation, wanting us all to not only realize that Paul died in 1966, but that he did so in a car accident--that would be just fine except for one thing--if you'd actually looked into this subject in any depth at all, you'd come to realize that the car accident idea was merely a ruse--he didn't die in the car accident, and to listen to Ringo at this late date, would mean we'd also have to believe that the man calling himself Ringo Starr is actually the same Ringo from before 1966--close examination shows otherwise, so if we listened to what he had to say, we'd be allowing ourselves to be lied to by an imposter.

      Please, do some actual personal investigation into this subject before coming here with your conclusions based on very little facts surrounding this case. Yes, we see what they want everyone to see, when it comes to what happened to Paul, but after closer investigation, most of us realize the 'rabbit hole' on this one goes far, far deeper than most people would ever even dare to think it does. :)

  27. Please explain to me how, age age 24, Paul McCartney grew 3 inches in height and his eye color turned from dark brown to green.


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